Platform Application Guide

Introduction to the Verifiable Data Platform
When you log in to the Verifiable Data Platform for the first time, you will need to set up your organization before issuing and sending credentials.
This information is important for identifying your organization on the platform and ensuring that you can send and receive credentials.

Setting Up Your Organization

Several fields in our onboarding process are required. Below is a more detailed explanation of each field, including its expected value.
Signup Form for the Verifiable Data Platform
Signup Form for the Verifiable Data Platform
  • Organization Account Administrator: The primary technical or business contact person for your organization on the Verifiable Data Platform.
  • Organization Legal Name: The official, legal name of your organization. This is often listed on contracts and invoices. Once you set this name, it can’t be changed.
  • Organization Operating Name: The day-to-day name you use for your organization. This can be the same or different from your legal name. This name can be changed in your organization settings.
  • National Company Registration Number: This is the company registration number associated with your organization. For US companies, this would be your Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Country: The country where your organization is headquartered or registered.
  • Website Address: The website that your organization uses.
  • Logo: The logo you use to represent your organization.
Once you’ve entered in this information, you will need to issue your Verifiable Business Card, which is used to receive credentials. In addition, we ask that you please select your industry and role. This information helps us customize your experience on the Verifiable Data Platform.

First-Time User Dashboard

Once you’ve logged in to the Verifiable Data Platform, you should see the first-time user dashboard.
First time dashboard for new user
First time dashboard for new user
There are several actions you can take on the dashboard to help you get started issuing and sending credentials.
  • To see a collection of ready-made credential templates, click the View Templates button on the Welcome To Transmute card. <Learn more about credential templates>
  • Begin issuing new credentials by clicking the New Credentials button on the Issue New Credentials card. <Learn more about issuing credentials>
  • To invite additional users to your organization, click the Invite Other Members button on the Your Organization card. <Learn more about managing users in your organization>
  • To receive credentials from another party, click Make Public & Copy Link or Download JSON File on the Your Verifiable Business Card card. <Learn more about how Verifiable Business Cards work.>

Layout of the Verifiable Data Platform

Verifiable Data Platform App Drawer
Verifiable Data Platform App Drawer

Issue Credentials

Issue single and batch credentials


Your home to view activity on VDP and gather insights


One place to manage all business contacts for sending and receiving presentations


Access to 25+ business critical credentials developed through multiple rounds of customer interviews


View issues single and batch credentials


Create new presentations and manage sent and received presentations


Create and manage your DIDs (did:key and did:web supported today)


Manage organization profile, invite members, setup applications and manage your billing


Secrets are encrypted phrases and keys that you create in an organization

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