Getting Started Postman Collection

This page covers importing and running the VDP API collection in Postman

You need to an Application with the basic DID and Credential scopes to run the collection. Please consult the guide section on Applications for details on managing platform Applications. You will also need to have Postman installed. See the Download page for you Operating System.

Import Postman Collection

This Postman collection is meant to get you quickly up and running and familiarized with the basics of the Verifiable Data Platform API.

You can import this into Postman with File -> Import.

From there, you will be presented with an area to drag and drop the Postman collection JSON file, or click on the area and select the VDP-Getting-Started.postman_collection.json file.

You will be shown a confirmation window. Click on the Import button to proceed.

You will then have the Postman collection imported.

Next we will cover how to set up the variables to start using the API.

Manual Client Credentials Authentication

Once you have the Postman Collection imported. We will need to set the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET to be able to authenticate with the Verifiable Data Platform API.

Once you have created an Application to run the Postman collection, you can copy-paste the Application client credentials into the collection variables. In the Verifiable Data Platform, click on Applications and then copy the CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET of the application you created.

Authenticating with Application Environment

Alternatively you turn off the collection variables and download the Application's environment file. Go to the bottom of the Application details page.

Choose Import -> Files and select or drop the postman-environment-details.json file to import it into Postman.

When imported, select the imported environment for the collection to run with the associated client credentials.

Postman Collection Functionality

To run the collection, click on the three dots next to "VDP Getting Started", and then click on "Run Collection.

To run the entire collection, right-click the Collection and choose Run Collection to run all the endpoints in order.

The Postman collection calls some basic network requests to the VDP API:

  • First obtains an access token for the application

  • Queries and resolves the default did:web

  • Issues and verifies a sample Verifiable Credential with standard endpoints

  • Issues and verifies a sample Verifiable Credential with platform convenience endpoints

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