Getting Started Postman Collection

This Postman collection is meant to get you quickly up and running and familiarized with the basics of the Verifiable Data Platform API:
You can import this into Postman with Import -> File.
The only configuration needed is entering the Client ID and Client Secret (see here). Select the Collection -> Variables, and enter your credentials under CURRENT VALUE of CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET as indicated on the screenshot below.
Postman collection variables
The Postman collection calls some basic network requests to the VDP API:
  • First obtains an access token for the application
  • Queries and resolves the default DID:WEB
  • Issues and verifies a sample Verifiable Credential with standard endpoints
  • Issues and verifies a sample Verifiable Credential with platform convenience endpoints

Next Steps

You can continue building your application by importing the VDP Open API Specification. In Postman, select Import -> Link and paste this link to the OAS json file:
Import VDP OpenAPI Specification
Make sure to tick the “Generate collection in workspace” option. Then Import.
Imported VDP Postman collection
You can now drag in any of the imported VDP OAS endpoints to your “Getting Started” collection and continue building your application. Make sure that your network requests’ base URL variable name corresponds to the collection ({{API_BASE_URL}}) and that they are properly authorized (“Inherit auth from parent”).
Happy coding!