Template Marketplace

This page describes how to take advantage of the templates on the VDP

The Template Marketplace is a feature on the Verifiable Data Platform that helps you find schemas for Verifiable Credentials for specific trade workflows. The templates are there to get you started with the

To get to the Template Marketplace, click on the list item in the bottom left hand corner of the navigation.

Select a Template

This will take you to the Template Marketplace which shows the available templates as a list of cards.

Clicking on a card for a template will show you the details for that template. For example, if we are to click on the "Bill of Lading Credential", we will get a detail view of the contents.

Issue from the Template

The template detail view will provide a description of what the credential is used for, and provides an example view with placeholder values. You can click on the "JSON" or "XLSX" buttons in order fto download file versions of the template that can be entered, and then uploaded as batches later. You can click on the "+ Create Credential" button in the top right to issue the credential from the web application.

This will take you to the issue flow, which was previously described in the Credentials section of this Guide.

From here, if you want to get familiar with the platform, you can click on the "Fill with Example Data" toggle in order to quickly fill in the template with example data in order to test the issuance process. Or you can fill in the data for your specific business use case.

From there we are taken to the preview step, where we are shown a preview of the read only version of the credential before it is signed. You are given the opertunity to review the document for accuracy and can click the "← Previous" button in the top left to make any changes. If the document looks good you can proceed to the signing step.

Sign the Credential

Here we are presented with the signing screen. In order to digitially sign the credential agree to to the checkbox condition, and then click on the "Issue Credential" button in the bottom right.

From there the platform will sign your credential, and you will be shown the read-only issued version of your Verifiable Credential.

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