Adding members is a way to collaborate within your organization

The Verifiable Data Platform allows you to manage Keys, Verifiable Credentials, and Verifiable Presentations for your organization. Inviting members is a way to take advantage of the platform by being able to collaborate on your business workflows.

Inviting New Members

With the "Starter" Plan, the maximum number of members is 2. This is enough for you and a friend to test out the platform. If you need more members, you can upgrade to a higher tier. But for now, let's cover inviting a member to your organization.

Click on the + New Member icon in the top right of the Members page.

This will bring up a modal with an input for an email.

Once an email address has been entered into the input form, the Send Invitation button will become enabled. And you can click it to send an invitation to join your Organization.

After clicking the Invite button, you should see a tooltip confirming the invite has been sent. The invited member will show up as another entry in the members list with an Invited tag.

Invitation Email

Then the invitee recipient should then receive an email. Which looks like the image below.

Once the invitee clicks the link. They will be taken to the Verifiable Data Platform. For the invited member there are three possible options.

  1. They do not have an account, and will need to sign up

  2. They have an account and will need to sign in

  3. They have an account and are already signed in

In the case of options 1 & 2 the user will presented with the login screen. In the case the invited user does not have an account, they can choose the Sign Up option to confirm their email. Otherwise if the invited member already has an account on the platform and is part of another organization, they can choose the option to login.

Once the invited user has authenticated, or in the case they were already authenticated, they will be presented with the option to join the organization.

The user can click on the Accept Invitation button to accept the invitation to the organization on the Verifiable Data Platform.

Removing Members

Navigate to the organization members page. Click the three vertical dot menu on the right hand side. Click “Delete Member”.

Review the confirmation modal. Click “Remove Member”.

And the member will be removed from the Organization. Note that the last admin of an organization cannot remove themselves. They will need to delete the organization from the Organization Settings if that is their intention.

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