Workflows allow for multiple Verifiable Presentations to be correlated in order to achieve a given outcome.

Transmute Verifiable Data Platform supports Workflows as defined by the Traceability Interoperability specification.

Workflow Definitions

Workflow Definitions provide a way to manage which credentials are required to attain a given outcome. By associating a Presentation to such a Workflow Definition, you communicate the intention of the presentation.

Workflow Instances

Workflows provide a way to explicitly connect multiple Presentations, submitted at different points in time and potentially by different involved parties. This is done by associating the presentations to the same Workflow Instance identifier.

Associating a Presentation to a Workflow

Presentations are associated to a Workflow at the time a presentation is made.

Make a new Presentation and toggle on the "Include this Presentation as part of a Workflow".

Select one or more Workflow Definitions to indicate why the presentation is being made.

New Workflow Instance

By default, the "New workflow instance" is chosen. If you do intent to start a new workflow, provide the necessary metadata: name, description and tags. This should enable your team to later unambiguously identify the workflow which is about to be instantiated.

Existing Workflow Instance

Alternatively, if you wish to continue on a Workflow Instance already in progress, select Add to existing workflow instance" and select from you organization's available workflow instances.

Complete the presentation by associating relevant Verifiable Credentials and click Send.

Workflow Progress Management

As presentations are continuously being made to a Workflow Instance, the Workflow Definition requirements are progressively satisfied.

Navigate to the Workflow Instance to see how many of the required credentials have been presented.

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