Data Integrity Proof Deprecation

As of release 2.12 published in March 2023, Verifiable Credentials using version 1 secured with Data Integrity Proofs are no longer supported on the Transmute platform. These limitations will only apply to credentials that are on the platform prior to this update.

Credential List

Credentials that are in this format will be shown to have a yellow icon next to them in your stored credentials. This mark means that the credential is no longer supported and can no longer be verified. Effectively this means that legacy data can be stored and viewed, but it cannot be interacted with beyond a read-only state.

For credentials the user has issued with their did:web on the platform, we have re-issued the content of the credentials with the updated format so that they can be used.

Unsupported credentials will not be allowed to be included in Verifiable Presentations from the credential list view.


Presentations that were received before the update will also be in the read only state. Where the data can be viewed and downloaded, but non-supported credentials will not be available to add to your list of stored credentials.

Unsupported credentials will show up in the list of credentials for presentations, but will not be allowed to be selected to be included in the presentation.

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