Contacts are a quick and easy way to exchange credentials with partners

Our Contacts feature makes sending verifiable credentials simple. Access the contacts page by clicking on the Contacts tab in the left navbar. Contacts feature allows you to create and manage your business contacts easily – enabling you to share information in a secure and trusted manner.

Inviting a Contact

The quickest way to get started with contacts is to invite an existing to the platform. If they already have an account, then they can accept your request and quickly get started. Or if they're also new to the platform, they can create an account. In both situations you will get each others' contact details to make exchanging credentials via presentations easier.

When inviting a contact, the information that is in your organization profile will be shown to the partner being invited. It is recommended to update your organization profile with a logo and other such recognizable information in order to make the process smoother.

For the purposes of the this guide we will define two characters, Alice Abrams who is doing the inviting, and Bob Babel who is being invited.

To get started with inviting a partner to the platform, click on the Invite Contact button in the top right hand corner. Doing this will bring up a modal with the option to put in an email address to invite a contact to connect with.

The modal has a single input for an email.

Once an email address has been entered, the buttons for Invite by Email and Invite by Link become enabled. The email address is needed to keep track of the invite resource which is generated to track to see if the invitation has been accepted or not.

Both methods of inviting a contact escentially boil down to the same approach. With the method of inviting via link, you are given a link to share via a secure channel you already share with the partner you want to connect with. And with email, it assumes that email is that channel and sends the link via email to the recipient.

The link that is generated is set to expire after two days.

Sending the Invite

If the case a link is chosen, a link resource will be copied to the clipboard which can then be copied to the person being invited. This link can be sent in such channels as Slack, Discord or an email where you know the resource can be safely shared with the intended party.

Via Email

Bob will receive an email which looks like the following image which contains the invite details with information being populated by Alice's organization profile.

From there Bob can click on the Accept Invite button.

Accepting the Invite

When the user clicks on the link, they will be shown the details for the organization doing the invite. If you are not logged in, there will be links at the top to sign up or login. Both of these options are currently treated effectively the same, as after you sign up you will be treated as logged in from this state.

When the invited user has either signed up or logged in, the state of the invite link resource will have the button labeled Add to Contacts. When clicking it, the system will register the organization profile information to each of the parties. In this example that means that Alice will have Bob added to contacts, and likewise Bob will have Alice added to contacts.

Once the contact has been accepted, both of the parties will see the other party in their list of contacts.

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