Platform Guide

This page will cover everything you need to create an account

You're first interaction with the platform will likely be the page at which is shown in the screenshot below.

Landing Page

This page shows our plans. We have a Free plan, a Pro plan and an Enterprise plan. The Free plan is there to allow new users to try the features of the platform, and upgrade if needed. This guide will cover how to get started with a Free account.

The first step is to click on the Sign UP button located on the Free Plan. You will be taken to the Sign Up page, which will ask you to provide an email, and create a password.

Sign Up Page

This will take you to the Auth0 modal for creating an account to be authenticated with the platform. From here you provide an email and password. You will also need to confirm the checkbox for the terms of service and privacy policy.

From there click on the SIGN UP button. And you will be sent an email to confirm your email address before continuing the process.

Confirm Email

The the confirmation email will look like the image above. To confirm your email, click on the Verify Email button.

You will be taken to this page showing you have confirmed your email. Click on Back to Verifiable Data Platform to continue the sign up process.

Create Organization

The first of two prompts will be to create an organization. And example of this being filled in is shown below.

Once you've filled in your organization name and country, click on the Next button.

Create Admin

The next step is to fill in a profile. This is information for you as the user being the creator of the organization. Put in your full name as well as your title for your organization.

From there click on the Next button to start your adventure with the Verifiable Data Platform.

Basic Navigation

Once you have completed the on boarding process, you will be met with the dashboard.

The left-hand navigation menu contains categories with sub items which expose the functionality of the API via the web app.

The bottom left-hand side of the navigation menu contains links to the MarketPlace for Adapters and Templates. Templates are an outline for issuing Verifiable Credenitals. And Adapters are connections from the Verifiable Data Platform to other platforms.

The last links in the bottom of the left-hard navigation menu link to the API Documentation as well as the Help Center.

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