PDF Download

PDFs can be useful in situations where parties along your supply chain are not ready to accept digital formats. A PDF can bridge such a digital gap, allowing for switching back to digital later.

Downloading a PDF

Navigate to the Verifiable Credential you wish to download.

Click the Download PDF button. The file will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

Ensure Sharing Settings

In many cases, you want the holder of the PDF to be able to also access the digital "twin" and verify the data. The QR code on the PDF links to the document, but you must also make sure that it is shared, such that it is available to unauthenticated users.

One the credential details page, click the ellipsis menu, and select "Make Public".

Holders of the PDF will now be able to access the digital Verifiable Credential.

Linking Back to Digital

The PDF can now be shared by email or in printed out form. At any point, the holder of it can scan the QR code, which encodes a URL linking to the digital Verifiable Credential.

Scan the QR code:

This links back to Verifiable Credential:

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