Neo4j Adapter

Leverage the connected nature of Linked Data to automatically create Knowledge Graphs from verified data exchanged on Transmute VDP

The Neo4j Adapter builds a knowledge graph from all Verifiable Presentations sent and received on your VDP Organization. Linked data automatically "snaps together" in the Knowledge Graph - no manual data mapping is needed.

Knowledge graphs can reveals hidden or unexpected data relationships, enables advances graph algorithmic analysis, graph data science and machine learning.

The Transmute VDP Neo4j Adapter can be found here:


On the Adapter Marketplace, click the "Neo4j" adapter for configuration details.

The Neo4j Adapter configuration page requires you to enter access details for the target Neo4j database. We recommend using Neo4j's Aura cloud platform available here:

  • URI - Make sure to include the full URI, including protocol and port. For example:

  • User - Your Neo4j user name

  • Password - Your Neo4j password

Once Neo4j credentials are entered, click "Install".

This will prompt download of the Neo4j Adapter installer script and necessary credentials to connect to both VDP and Neo4j.

The Neo4j Adapter will be executed as a Workflow on Github. Before continuing, make sure that you have a Github account for hosting the Workflow. If you do not already have a Github account, please first create one on

Run the following commands to create a Github repository that holds the adapter. Note the $ character is to show a command and not the be included in the line to execute.

$ unzip Github\

This will extract a and .env file from the zip.

$ chmod +x
$ ./

The script will set up and direct you to the repository on your Github account:

Running the Neo4j Adapter

To run the Adapter, on the Github repo, go to Actions:

Click "Run workflow" as indicated above. This will run the Neo4j Adapter workflow.

Resulting Knowledge Graph

Logging in to your Neo4j DB instance, you can now query the labeled property graph representation of all your organization's Verifiable Presentations.

Useful Cypher Commands

This section lists some useful, basic cypher commands to get you started validating the Neo4j graph data.

This command queries and returns all nodes in you Neo4j DB:


This command deletes all data in you Neo4j DB:


Please see for full documentation of the cypher query language.

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