Adapter Marketplace

This guide will cover how to install an Adapter from the market place

Adapters are a way of automatically integrating to other platforms, importing or exporting data from the Verifiable Data Platform.

Running Adapters

VDP Adapters are designed as open source Github workflows. This has several advantages:

  • Flexibility, visibility and control of running you VDP integrations.

  • Extensibility, it is simple to combine the VDP adapter functionality with other actions.

  • Easy to fit in with your CI/CD pipelines and other common workflows.

  • Leverages the large Github workflow developer community.

Note that "no-code" adapter configuration and hosting is available as part of the VDP Enterprise plan. Please get in touch for options.


On the platform navigate to, and click on the card for the adapter you wish to install. If you do not have an account you will be prompted to create one, and then redirected to this page.

Installing an Adapter will:

  1. Create an application which runs the adapter. The application is given a minimum set of scopes, and will be listed under your VDP Applications.

  2. Download an installer script and environment credentials necessary for running the Github workflow.

  3. Running the script, a new Github repository will be created on your Github account, ready to execute the adapter functionality.

Specific details on functionality, installation and running the different types of adapters are are described next.

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