Traceability Interoperability

This page describes the open source projects for trace-vocab and trace-interop

Standards-based interoperability is at the heart and center of Transmute VDP. This page introduces two of the essential open source projects which are fully implemented on the platform, both governed under the W3C Credentials Community Group.


Traceability Vocabulary is an open source project at the W3C CCG with the intention of defining industry standard documents in the form of Verifiable Credentials. The project defines a series of credentials that are recognized by Customs and Border Protection for the purpose of importation.

The project can be found at this URL here:

The OpenAPI specification can be found here:


Traceability Interoperability is a W3C CCG open source API definition for exchanging Verifiable Credentials between parties. The profile uses did:web as a source of discovery for end points, and uses OAuth as a way to authenticate with a server for the purposes of sending Verifiable Credentials as a Verifiable Presentation to another party.

The focus of the profile is specifically on trade, for the purposes of executing workflows, which is the exchange of credentials for a specific business process such as ordering or importing a product.

The project can be found at this URL:

The OpenAPI specification can be found here:

Interoperability Tests

The trace-interop profile has an interoperability test that runs every night with participating parties to show that credentials can be exchanged between organizations, via vendors or their own implementations. These tests demonstrate that an organization has implemented the profile to sufficiently be able to communicate with other implementations and credentials can be exchanged between the parties.

The action for the nightly test can be found here:

Each test will show a report of the status of each of the participants which can be found here: Each test produces a report with the various participants, where green shows a passing test, red shows a failing test, and yellow shows that some errors occurred in the execution.

Conformance Tests

The trace-interop profile has a more narrowly defined conformance test which shows conformance with all of the smaller implications that the profile provides. The interoperability-test only looks to see if credentials can be exchanged. The conformance test confirms aspects like checking for the presence or lack of scopes, specific error codes for edge cases, and specific structures of return values.

While only the interop-tests are needed to exchange credentials, the conformance tests show strict adherence to the profile and it is advisable to have these passing for best practices for working with the profile.

The action for conformance tests can be found here:

Each action produces a report, which can be found here:

Postman Collections

The trace-interop profile provides a series of Postman tests which can be used to test an implementation for conformance, or to otherwise get started with an implementation in order to start issuing and exchanging the credentials with the defined API.

The Postman collections can be found in the repository here:

Enroll in Tests

If you want to enroll in the traceability interop tests in order to show that your organization is capatable with the profile, we can assist you. If you are a customer at Transmute, contact us and we can help you get your organization set up. Otherwise the manual requirements for enrolling are outlined in the following document:

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